Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

3 Essential Queries to Make When Hiring Asbestos Removal Company

by Jessica Lowe

Whether you are planning to replace asbestos roofing, flooring, or siding shingles, it is advisable to hire asbestos removal services. That said, the process of hiring an asbestos removal company isn't as simple as most people would like to believe. It requires a systematic approach because hiring an unqualified service provider will only put you at risk. If you want to remove asbestos from your property, but you don't know how to go about the hiring process, then this article offers an expert guide.

Find Out What They Are Licensed to Do 

Asbestos removal service providers are not the same. Some service providers specialise in asbestos abatement while others offer demolition or environmental services related to management of asbestos-containing materials. Therefore, knowing what you want an asbestos removal service provider to do is the first step to hiring a provider that suits your needs. For instance, if you're going to remove asbestos from your roof, you should not hire a firm whose scope is limited to eliminating asbestos on insulation materials. The rule of thumb is to find out what a service provider is licensed to do and match that to your requirements.

Find Out if They Have a Certified Asbestos Inspector 

As you search for an asbestos removal firm, ask whether the firm has a certified asbestos inspector. The reason is that the inspector must test some samples of asbestos from your home before the removal process can commence. The test results determine the extent of the problem and guide a removal company on the complexity of the asbestos removal process. For instance, since asbestos fibres are microscopic, it is difficult to tell the concentration levels in the air. Harmless concentration levels might require sealing of all non-movable objects during the removal process. However, if concentration levels are high, accessories such as furniture and fabrics might have to be disposed of with the asbestos waste. Ultimately, a certified asbestos inspector will determine the severity of the asbestos problem and advise a removal company on the next best course of action.

Ask for Hazardous Waste Manifest 

Most people don't realise that the asbestos removal process is not considered over until the waste is duly and legally disposed of. If the removal company does not follow laid down guidelines concerning asbestos disposal, then you will be liable for improper disposal. Therefore, ask the removal company if they will provide you with a hazardous waste manifest upon request. The manifest is evidence that the asbestos has been transported appropriately and disposed of accordingly. If a prospective service provider does not provide clients with a manifest, then you should look for another asbestos removal company.  


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Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

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