Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

Top Tips During Skip Bin Hire

by Jessica Lowe

Skip bins are open-top containers used to dispose of rubbish. The extract below discusses some considerations you should make when hiring skip bins.


The skip bin you hire should fit for your current needs. For example, a marrel skip bin is large and hence suitable if you have a lot of garbage at your home or office. Hooklift skip bins have lower sides than marrel skip bins. They are, therefore, easier to load. However, they will take up more space. Skip bags are smaller in size and hence suitable for households that do not generate a lot of waste.  

Terms of hire. 

Conduct some research on reputable skip bin hire companies in your area. The company you hire the skip bin from must have reasonable terms and conditions. Some of your concerns should include:

  1. What is the minimum hire period? Some companies will allow you to rent the bin for a day while others rent it out for a minimum of one week.
  2. Does the company allow you to move the skip? Ask this if you need to collect rubbish from different locations.
  3. What items should you avoid dumping in the bin? Most companies restrict dangerous materials such as asbestos and medical waste.
  4. What is the company's policy regarding deposits and cancellations? When and how should payments be made? 


You will have to conduct thorough research on the pricing of the skip bin you intend to hire. Although most companies have competitive pricing strategies, you could take advantage of first-time customer discounts and vouchers offered when you order the skip bin online.


Where will you place the skip bin? The area you intend to place the skip bin must be accessible to the truck that will deliver the skip. Be on the lookout for low-lying electrical wires and branches, as they will make it difficult to offload the skip bin. The ground must be firm. Otherwise, the skip bin will sink in as you add more rubbish. Some companies provide a mobile platform to ensure clients can place the bin at the location of their choice. 


Check your local council laws regarding skip bin licences. You might require a permit if you intend to place the skip bin in a public area such as a park or along a road.

If you intend to hire the skip for an extended period, look for a company that offers a rent-to-buy option. When hiring a skip bin, consider the size of the skip bin, the terms of hire, pricing, where to place the skip and the need for local council permits.


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Clean Garbage Bins, Organised Rubbish and Other Garbage Removal Tips

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